Based in Twin Falls, Idaho and part of Independent Meat Company, Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork gives you the real taste of pork. We source the meat from family-owned, family-operated farms in the intermountain west. All of our farms are diversified farming operations: In addition to pigs, they raise crops, cattle and chickens.

Our farmers breed their pigs to yield the juiciest, most flavorful pork available. They bring together:

The Best Genetics

The Best Nutrition

The Cleanest Environment

The Most Humane Treatment of Pigs

All of Salmon Creek’s farmers use only our lines of Duroc boars and “white line” (Landrace, Chester White, Yorkshire cross) sows to produce our pigs. While Duroc boars are known for their superior growth and meat quality, the “white line” sows tend to raise strong, healthy litters of pigs.

In addition to breeding healthy lines of pigs, our farms only give them high quality feed as well as wheat and barley, much of which is homegrown. Our pigs are never fed antibiotics or hormone-like growth promotants. We never add artificial enhancers, preservatives, chemicals or extra moisture either. With meat this nutritious and delicious, you don’t need anything more.

To learn about our company’s history and employment opportunities, go to http://www.independentmeat.com. For more information on our farmers and farming practices, visit our About Our Farms page or contact us.